For more than 25 years, Constantin Geambasu, owner of Water Rehab, LLC has been in the plumbing industry. He has years of expertise and knowledge for all of your plumbing needs.

While living in Romania, Constantin learned the plumbing trade by building and installing German made plumbing fixtures in model showrooms. Only the best installers were hired for this highly skilled position. Immigrating to the US, Constantin immediately put his skills to work serving residents of Gilbert, Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa with the highest quality plumbing services.

If you are looking for a misting system to beat the heat of Arizona summers, give Water Rehab a call!

Are you remodeling your home or bathroom? Let Water Rehab take care of all of your plumbing needs.

And if you are concerned about the quality of drinking water for you or for your family, Water Rehab will test and recommend the best filtration system for your situation. If it is just a reverse osmosis system or whole house filtration, we can recommend and size the right system for you.

Arizona's water is notoriously hard due to the magnesium and calcium contents. Hard water is detrimental to appliances and can cause skin irritation. Water Rehab will test your water and provide you with a custom built solution to give you perfectly soft water! And, Water Rehab installs water softeners that are built for Arizona water!

Constantin is a husband and father and resides in Gilbert, AZ. When he is not installing a new water softener, Constantin enjoys spending time with his family!

Give us a call today and discover what a difference Water Rehab can provide for you!

The Geambasu Family
Water Rehab