Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems remove pesticides, viruses, heavy metals, and bacteria that may get into the water supply.  RO systems also remove 90-99% of the salt, minerals, and chlorine, that can cause bad tastes and smells. Water Rehab installs only the highest quality systems at a value price.

Why you need an RO system:

  • Exceptional tasting drinking water
  • Better tasting coffee and tea
  • Clearer and better tasting ice cubes
  • Cleaner fruits and veggies
  • Great for cooking
  • Spot-free rinse for dishes, jewelry, and windows
  • Healthier for pets and plants

Many Options

When it comes to reverse osmosis systems, there are many options to choose from to fit any budget. We will customize a system to fit your home and family needs.

Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation for your RO system. Start enjoying healthier water today!

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RO Alkalizer