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Arizona water contains many unwanted chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. Some may notice the smell of chlorine or other strange smell emanating from their faucet or shower. Others may have seen strange colors or water that seems just a little off or cloudy. For these reasons, it is important to filter the water for your home.

Water Rehab installs locally made and high quality water filtration systems that provide clean and pure drinking water for every faucet or shower in the house. You will notice a big difference between filtered and unfiltered water once you have a new filtration system.

How does it work?

Whole house filtration combines your water softener with Coconut Shell Carbon and a sediment big blue filter. This combination gives you the solution to filtrate your water in three ways, removing the dirt, sediment and rust then remove or reduce chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, cleaning byproducts and trihalomethane, mercury and lead. After the water is treated, it is goes through the resin beds giving the most capacity for removing the calcium, magnesium and iron with less water wasted during regeneration. This system is designed to operate to the max efficiency and provide clients with a lifetime warranty on resin beds.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Water Rehab's filtration systems are made locally and are specifically built to meet the challenges of Arizona's water needs. Here are five major benefits of whole house water filtration:

  1. Safer drinking water at every faucet
  2. Minimize skin irritation
  3. Reduce plumbing maintenance and repair bills
  4. Much improved taste and smell of your water
  5. Reduce the presence of soap scum and other film on appliances and showers

Reach out to Water Rehab today and learn how you can have clean, clear, great refreshing water in your house.

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Whole House Filtration