Misting Systems

Maximize your comfort while utilizing your outdoor space year round with a home misting system.  The heat in Phoenix, Chandler and Gilbert can become unbearable! With the assistance of an outdoor misting system, you can enjoy your patio or gazebo year round!  Water Rehab can install an outdoor misting system that will allow you to spend time in your outdoor space, keep your family, friends, and animals cool and comfortable. Water Rehab's misting systems are an amazing finishing touch to your patio giving you comfort even during the hottest summer temperatures!

Professionally Installed Misting Systems

Your professionally installed misting system sprays tiny water droplets that evaporate and actually cool the air.  The water will evaporate but the air around you will be cooler and enjoyable.  Water Rehab will custom design your misting system to meet the specific needs of your project so that cooling is maximized and comfort is provided.

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Misting Systems