High Pressure Fog System

Create your tropical oasis in the desert with a high pressure fog system. Not only does a fog system create a beautiful accent to your pool or outdoor area, they cool the air by using a fine mist allowing you to enjoy your pool even on the hottest days!

Benefits of a fog system

Fog systems help keep bugs, mosquitoes and flies away from your outdoor recreation areas. Enjoy our pool and patio without having to use chemicals to keep pesky bugs away!

Expert Installation

A fog system is a precision made tool that requires expert installation. Water Rehab has years of experience planning, sizing, and installing the fog system of your dreams. When you call Water Rehab, we will schedule your consultation and show up on time! During the consultation, we will assess your fog systems needs and provide you with options that are best suited to your space.

Custom Solutions

We will customize your system with quality components to give you years of uninterrupted service. And if you ever have a mechanical issue with a fog pump, we will gladly provide the repair service you need. We only use locally made fog units. This means we can typically get parts within two hours! Should your fog system need maintenance or repair, we can do it very quickly allowing you to enjoy yourself once again.

Give us a call today and schedule your no obligation consultation. Transform your pool into a tropical oasis!

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