Water Softening and Whole House Filtration

Our systems are made to be individualized for specific tasks: The first stage of filtration removes sediment and rust. The second stage of filtration has dual media inside that removes heavy metals like arsenic, mercury & copper, chlorine & bacteria control. The third stage of filtration removes the hardness of the water caused by the presence of iron and magnesium. These water filtration systems and soft water systems are easy to maintain and diagnose.

Don’t take a chance on installing a water softener or whole house filtration on your own. Call a professional!

This customer was very satisfied with the final result!

Water Heater and Laundry Tub

Replacement Water Heater, Laundry Sink and Water Softener

Problem: The water heater was broken and needed to be replaced. The home did not have a water softener which drastically cut the useful life of the water heater.

Solution: We added a laundry tub for the client for added convenience. We installed the water softener system and the water heater at the same time. This will extend the life of the water heater as untreated water causes clogs and build up inside the water tank.

We were able to complete this job in one day and the client was very satisfied!

Commercial Water Softener

No Salt Water Conditioner Unit

Problem: The commercial location did not have any space dedicated to water treatment.

Solution: We rerouted the lines from the main and designated an area for equipment. That involved saw cutting the concrete, excavating everything to code, and bringing the lines from the main tothe equipment and from the equipment to the main.

We dedicated a drain line and connected it with the sewer and brought the electric supply outlet for the units. We built the entire water softener units at the site due to the size of the units.

For people who love green solutions, this unit provides customers with the highest percentage for water treatment. It’s built to remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, industrial solvents and also transforms and interacts with the calcium buildup, reducing descaling.

Full Line Whole House Water Filtration

Full Line & Whole House Filtration

Problem: House was not pre-plumbed

This house was not pre-plumbed for water treatment. Because water treatment is so important in the Arizona desert, we had to take some extra steps for the installation.

Solution: Re-route the water line

In order to properly treat the water, we had to reroute the water from the water main, under the sidewalk. We then located the water treatment system in the garage. From there we were able to accurately and precisely supply the client with fresh, clean, and filtered whole house water.