Misting System Install

A Three Zone Misting System

When you live in the Arizona desert, you want to enjoy the outdoors year round. But we all know the days in the summer that seem too hot to be outside! Misting systems cool the air and allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when the temperature reaches extreme levels.

Misting Systems must use softened water!

If you don’t use softened water, your misting system will, over time, get clogged. If you are considering adding a misting system, make sure your installer is using your softened water!

The Install

For this project, we ran a water line from the softener to the outside pump location. We added a 220 Volt electrical line to the pump as well.  From there we buried the water lines underground to the gazebo, pool and porch.

The final product was amazing! And the homeowner could finally use their pool year round with the new misting system.